September 14, 2016


Finally exposed!!

Yup we are exposed!!
We don’t want to say the cliché ‘here are the much awaited phone cover designs’.
We are aware that there are umpteenth covers available at just one click. Then what makes us different and why should you choose us over your current favourite phone cover company.

Ok, here is a bit about us.

India design store is a designer's hub; a place where some of the best designers of India come together to create the best designs for you. A place buzzing with design and energy; where even chai breaks are all about color/type/finish and design.

India Design Store is the perfect amalgam of tradition and modernity. It is how our
Indian tradition is viewed from a modern lens, for instance the iconic Qutub Minar, the
historical pillar is presented in bright yellows and pink to represent history in all its glory glowing with a new twist. More stylized and urbane.

So when you buy from us you wouldn’t have to worry about the color/the type/the overall design. We have the best taking care of that for you.

To add to that we do have a launch discount especially for you . As you are one of our
first customers and we are starting our journey with you we want you to know that you
are special :)

We understand your varied moods and choices so we haven’t restricted ourselves. We
present to you a gamut of designs from classic stripe patterns to the Delhi monuments
to Indian transport to famous Michelangelo works to star wars quotes etc.

Whether you are a history buff or an impromptu traveler or a Bollywood fan. Whether
you want to just flaunt your identity with our expletive range or reveal the secret art
critic in you with our art canvasses. Whether intricate patterns interest you or its just
color pink that works for you.

We have one for you. We celebrate your randomness and your perfection.

Did I forget to mention our beautiful range of intricate pen and ink phone covers?

Don’t believe us? Check us out. Be a part of our journey

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July 28, 2014


India Design Store

A one stop design destination for all beautifully designed products. It is for the design conscious for their everyday, moment to moment living.

Let beautiful design enter your lives. We give you access to ubiquitous design from young and old, discerning designers. We are a platform to promote good design, designers and craft people. At the same time we bring the unique, the extraordinary to the design conscious. We curate design and bring it to the masses.

May 07, 2014


India Design Store your one stop design destination for the joy of living!

We bring to you beautiful things from connoisseurs in their art. Big to small products to delight in everyday life. Simple things from mobile cases to coasters and we will be addeding other categories soon.... we will get you inspirational as well as beautiful products for you. Stay with us to discover Indian art and established designers. Your one stop design window. We guarantee quality and service. We would like to give you an Indian e commerce site, where you can sit back and enjoy the experience of shopping online through beautiful interfaces, photography and content. We respect the customer and his time, we work hard to create your online experience entertaining and aesthetically appealing.